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The Central Archive of Federal Security Service (TsA FSB) is a structural unit of the FSB, successor to the KGB, NKVD and OGPU SSSR.

Both investigation files of Osip Mandelstam are kept there. These are the file of the year 1934 (File No. 33487, processed by OGPU from May 16 to June 2 1934; their former/preceding and substituted file numbers are 604671 and N. 9284) and the file of the year 1938 (File No. 18864, processed by the NKVD of the Moscow Region from April 30 to August 2 1938). The structure of the investigation files is standard and typical. It includes the order for arrest, the questionnaire and photo of the person under arrest, protocols of interrogations, the resolution on the selection of restraint measures, the notice of indictment, the decision to indict, and an extract from the protocol of the Special Committee (Osoboe Soveshchanie) with the announcement of its sentence, and that this has been communicated to the person convicted. The withdrawal of the manuscript of the poem We live, not feeling the country beneath us (My zhivem, pod soboyu ne chuya strany) and the substitution of the original manuscript with a copy is a unique feature of the file of 1934. This manuscript was transferred to the Commission on the Literary Heritage of O.M. of the SP SSSR (the USSR Union of Writers) in March 1989, which in turn transferred it to RGALI (Russian State Archive of Literature and the Arts) on April 3 1989 (as of March 31 2008 this autograph has yet to be described in the catalogue and its call sign has not been determined). Both investigation files contain additional materials on the rehabilitation of O.M. Both files were supplemented in 1987 by materials from the Review Proceedings No. 02DSP-4974-56 of the USSR Prosecutor Generals Office: the file of 1934 was supplemented by the Decision of the Judicial Division for Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of October 28 1987 on the cancellation of the Orders of the Special Committee (Osoboe Soveschanie) of the USSR NKVD of May 26 and June 10 concerning O.M., and by the testimonies of V.A. Kaverin, L.N. Gumilev and I.L. Prut, while the file of 1938 was supplemented by the Decision of August 31 1956 on the cancellation of the Special Committee Order of August 2 1938. Materials relating to O.M. can be also found in the files of other convicted persons; however, with a few exceptions they have not been identified and described (in particular O.M. is mentioned in the investigation file No. 35610 of the Leningrad and Leningrad Region NKVD Directorate, the file of Benedikt Livshits). As reported by V.S. Khristoforov, the Head of the FSB Archive Collections and Records Directorate, materials of outdoor surveillance and documentation of other operations were not found during a search in the TsA FSB in 2005, following a request from the Mandelstam Society (see reference: "I did not whisper these thoughts in the corner" , 1994).

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